Blac Chyna asks fans ‘not let do filler’ after 35th birthday

1684116754 Blac Chyna asks fans not let do filler after 35th
Blac Chyna asks fans not let do filler after 35th birthday

Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, is warning her followers about getting facial fillers. She reminisces about her previous plastic surgery photos on her Instagram account after her 35th birthday.

The reality star shared an Instagram post, where she commented on her previous “crazy” photos before the transformation. She stated that the first picture she shared was taken a few months before she removed all the fillers from her face and that she looks a lot better now.

Chyna warned her fans not to follow in her footsteps as getting facial fillers wasn’t worth it. She took pride in her lips, which had considerably decreased in size. The star urged her followers not to get facial fillers and emphasized that it wasn’t worth it.

She has been on a journey to remove her facial fillers, as well as going through a breast and butt reduction surgery.

Previously, in March, Chyna discussed her fillers and plastic surgery journey on an Instagram post. She shared that she was on her way for cheek and jawline filler removal, stating that enough was enough, and she wanted them out.