Dave Chappelle calls ‘Batman’ for San Francisco help

1684118358 Dave Chappelle calls Batman for San Francisco help
Dave Chappelle calls Batman for San Francisco help

In a surprise performance at the SF Masonic Auditorium, Dave Chappelle spoke out about the growing homelessness crisis in San Francisco, a city he referred to as a “second home” according to SFGate. The comedian criticized the city’s development, asking “What the *** happened to this place?” and referencing an incident where a homeless person defecated in front of a restaurant he had entered. Chappelle compared the city to a “half ‘Glee,’ half zombie movie,” noting the Tenderloin district’s reputation for crime, drug abuse, and homelessness. He even jested that the city needed Batman to intervene.

The funnyman, who recently won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album for his divisive Netflix special The Closer, received a nomination for his work. Harvey Mason Jr, CEO of the Recording Academy, commented on the nomination, stating that the academy does not decide on a creator’s moral position or evaluate their morality.