‘Emmerdale’ fans rejoice as ‘annoying’ Naomi Walters bids farewell

1688756545 %E2%80%98Emmerdale fans rejoice as %E2%80%98annoying Naomi Walters bids farewell
Emmerdale fans celebrate as irritating character Naomi Walters leaves the show
‘Emmerdale’ followers have a good time as irritating character Naomi Walters leaves the present

Thursday’s episode of Emmerdale caused a cheerful response from the viewers because the character of Naomi Walters, who was extensively thought to be “annoying,” made an sudden exit from the Yorkshire village.

Naomi, portrayed by Karene Peter, resigned from her job as a pub chef after being accused of pilfering from the money register and providing complimentary drinks to her members of the family.

Many followers expressed their repugnance for the character portrayed by the 32-year-old actress on social media, indicating that her exit was lengthy overdue.

“By this time tonight I will be in Ibiza and I’m not coming again,” she vowed, as followers of the present rejoiced.

Followers wrote on Twitter: “Naomi’s gone not a bloody minute too soo thank christ for that & now for the remainder of Charles household to comply with and make it pronto as I’ve misplaced the need to reside with these boring sanctimonious folks! #emmerdale”

“#emmerdale hallelujah Naomi has gone! The place is Ethan and why has Charles not reported him lacking? Now can the previous mum and dodgy dad go away too! #boring”

“Good riddance Naomi. By no means come again. EVER!’, whereas @Floral_Fanatic_ declared her ‘soooo annoying”

“Anybody for a conga now that Naomi has executed one?!”

“Naomi was a dreadful character from day one. Glad she’s gone”

“Good riddance Naomi! And don’t come again.”