Harrison Ford sets record straight on feud with Brad Pitt on ‘The Devil’s Own’ set

1685787565 Harrison Ford sets record straight on feud with Brad Pitt
Harrison Ford sets record straight on feud with Brad Pitt on ‘The Devils Own’ set
Harrison Ford units document straight on feud with Brad Pitt on ‘The Satan’s Personal’ set

Harrison Ford bought candid concerning the fall-out he had with Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt on the set of their 1997 thriller The Satan’s Personal.

The Indiana Jones star tried to clarify what went on with him and the Babylon star after they labored on the movie 25 years in the past.

Setting the document straight, Ford defined to Esquire that he and Pitt had a disagreement concerning the director of the motion thriller movie.

“Brad developed the script,” Ford instructed the outlet. “Then they provided me the half. I saved my feedback concerning the character and the development of the factor — I admired Brad.”

“I love Brad,” the 80-year-old star reiterated, earlier than including, “I feel he’s a beautiful actor. He’s a very first rate man.”

“However we couldn’t agree on a director till we got here to Alan Pakula, who I had labored with earlier than [1990’s Presumed Innocent] however Brad had not,” he added.

“Brad had this difficult character, and I needed a complication on my aspect in order that it wasn’t only a good-and-evil battle. And that’s once I got here up with the bad-shooting factor,” Ford stated.

Ford went on to disclose how all the pieces modified afterwards when he tried to provide his character a touch of dilemma.

“I labored with a author — however then all of the sudden we’re capturing, and we didn’t have a script that Brad and I agreed on,” he stated. “Every of us had completely different concepts about it.”

“I perceive why he needed to stick with his viewpoint, and I needed to stick with my viewpoint—or I used to be imposing my viewpoint, and it’s honest to say that that’s what Brad felt.

“It was difficult,” he concluded. “I just like the film very a lot. Very a lot.”