Imran Khan ‘refuses’ permission for Zaman Park search operation

Imran Khan refuses permission for Zaman Park search operation

Former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has refused the Punjab government’s request for a search operation at his Lahore residence. The government insisted that “30-40 terrorists were hiding inside Khan’s residence,” and gave PTI 24 hours to hand them over, or face action. The government’s negotiation team, after obtaining a search warrant from an anti-terrorism court, spent over an hour at Zaman Park discussing the Standard Operating Procedures with the legal team representing the PTI chief, but talks failed.

Khan has presented some conditions for the search, which will be conveyed to the interim government. Although the authorities showed evidence to Khan of the terrorists’ presence inside his residence, he did not agree to the search.

The authorities have initiated a crackdown on PTI workers and leaders, following violence that erupted after the arrest of Khan on May 9. Lahore Capital City Police Officer, Bilal Saddique Kamyana, reportedly arrested six more “terrorists” attempting to flee from Zaman Park. Four of these were allegedly involved in the attack on Askari Tower, while the other two were among those who ransacked the Corps Commander House Lahore.

A delegation was sent to Khan under the supervision of Lahore commissioner, to ask permission for a search operation, in front of cameras. If the PTI chief does not permit the delegation to conduct the search, the interim government will decide their next course of action. Meanwhile, the roads leading to Zaman Park were cordoned off, and a reference would be sent against a judge for providing extraordinary facilities to terrorists.