Imran not cooperating with police for his security: IGP

The Islamabad Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Akbar Nasir Khan has written to the Supreme Court and Islamabad High Court, lamenting the non-cooperation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan regarding his security concerns, sources revealed on Sunday.

The letter asserts that the police cannot provide foolproof security to Imran Khan if he continues to be uncooperative. Both the Supreme Court and Islamabad High Court have ordered the Islamabad Police to provide ‘foolproof’ security to the PTI leader. However, Imran Khan has expressed concerns about his safety, particularly, since the Wazirabad rally incident where he allegedly claimed to have survived an assassination attempt. While referring to Imran Khan’s reluctancy to accept a security detail provided by security experts, the IGP said that this increases the risk factor against him.

When asked about this matter, the IGP confirmed that he had written to the Supreme Court and the Islamabad High Court concerning the PTI Chairman’s lack of cooperation regarding security matters. The IGP said, “We have been directed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan as well as the Islamabad High Court to provide ‘foolproof’ security to the PTI Chairman. However, he is not cooperating and unwilling to accept any security detail for his protection. He is not even following the directions and advisories issued by the Islamabad Police, which makes our task extremely difficult. In case of any untoward incident, we cannot be held responsible.”

Given the current security conditions in the country and his own claims of facing serious threats, it is necessary to implement the Supreme Court’s and Islamabad High Court’s orders. Recently, Imran Khan refused to adhere to the given security directives and travelled on his own after leaving the Islamabad High Court, further exacerbating concerns regarding his safety.