Jamie Foxx and Corrinne Foxx team up to co-host Fox’s game show ‘We Are Family’

1684166658 Jamie Foxx and Corrinne Foxx team up to co host
Jamie Foxx and Corrinne Foxx team up to co-host Foxs game show We Are Family

Actor Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corrinne Foxx are set to co-host a brand new game show, titled “We Are Family,” for the Fox network. This is not Jamie’s first time hosting a game show, but it is the first time he will be co-hosting it with his daughter.

Jamie made headlines lately due to a medical condition that led him to temporarily step down from hosting Beat Shazam. However, Corrinne has confirmed that her father has been discharged from the hospital and is now playing picketball and on the road to a full recovery, allowing him to fulfill his hosting duties for “We Are Family.”

The show, which is set to air in 2024, will focus on unrecognized relatives of famous celebrities performing duets with their celebrity relative. The contestants will have to guess which celebrity they are related to, and if they are successful, they can win up to $100,000 each. The game show will have a studio audience of 100 contestants who will play through multiple rounds of guessing and gameplay.

Jamie and Corrinne are excited to be a part of the game show’s development, expressing their hopes that it will bring as much fun to audiences at home as they’ve had creating it. The president of Unscripted Programming at Fox Entertainment, Allison Wallach, has praised the co-hosts for their hosting abilities and charming interplay with contestants, calling them “perfect hosts” for “We Are Family.”