Pakistan has been one of the countries with the highest number of PUBG players in the world. The online multiplayer battle royale game has gained massive popularity among Pakistani youth. Jazz 4G, the fastest internet network in Pakistan, has introduced various packages that provide internet services to Pakistani PUBG players. These packages are designed to provide seamless internet connectivity that helps Pakistani gamers play the game effortlessly. In this article, we will discuss Jazz PUBG Packages and how they help Pakistani players become renowned on the international level.

PUBG’s Popularity in Pakistan

PUBG is a game that has taken the world by storm, and Pakistan is no exception. Since its launch in Pakistan in 2018, the game has grown in popularity, and it has become one of the most played video games in the country. Its addictive gameplay, thrilling battles, and the ability to connect with other players in real-time have made it a favorite among Pakistani gamers. The game has also brought a lot of international recognition to Pakistani players. This recognition has led to the introduction of Jazz PUBG Packages to support Pakistani players.

Jazz Pubg packages

Jazz PUBG Packages

Jazz 4G, the fastest internet network in Pakistan, has introduced various packages that cater to the needs of Pakistani PUBG players. These packages come in different sizes, validity, and prices, providing options for players with different requirements. Here is a list of Jazz PUBG Packages for 2024:

Daily PUBG Bundles

Jazz offers different daily PUBG packages to cater to the needs of the players. These packages come with different MBs, validity, and prices. Here is a list of Jazz’s daily PUBG packages:

Jazz Daily Pubg packages

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Hourly PUBG

This is the most affordable package, offering 1000 MBs for Rs. 10. It is perfect for players who only play for an hour or less.

  • Offer Name: Hourly PUBG
  • MBs: 1000
  • Validity: 1 Hour
  • Price: Rs 10
  • Sub-Code: *638#
  • Status Code: 6382#

Extreme PUBG

This package offers 2GB of data for 12 hours for just Rs. 18. It is perfect for players who play for an extended period.

  • Offer Name: Extreme PUBG
  • MBs: 2000
  • Validity: 12 AM-12 PM
  • Price: Rs 18
  • Sub-Code: *757#
  • Status Code: 7572#


This package offers 1000 MBs for 24 hours for Rs. 35. It is suitable for players who play the game throughout the day.

  • Offer Name: Mega PUBG
  • MBs: 1000
  • Validity: 24 Hours
  • Price: Rs 35
  • Sub-Code: 1174#
  • Status Code: 1174*2#

Weekly PUBG Bundles

Jazz 4G also offers weekly PUBG packages that come with different MBs, validity, and prices. Here is a list of Jazz’s weekly PUBG packages:

Jazz weekly Pubg packages

Premium MBs

This package offers 4GB of data and 50 all-network minutes for seven days for just Rs. 212. It is perfect for players who play the game frequently.

  • Offer Name: Premium MBs
  • MBs: 4000
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Price: Rs 212
  • Sub-Code: 11747#
  • Status Code: 11747*2#

Why choose Jazz 4G for PUBG?

When it comes to playing PUBG, having a fast and reliable internet connection is crucial. In Pakistan, Jazz 4G is the fastest network available, making it the perfect choice for PUBG players looking to improve their gaming experience. With Jazz PUBG packages, players can enjoy playing PUBG with high-speed internet and an affordable price range.

The Jazz 4G network has become incredibly popular among PUBG players in Pakistan. It offers speeds that are unmatched by any other network, which is why Jazz has introduced several PUBG packages. These packages vary in price, MBs, and validity, giving players plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re looking for a package with a low price and short validity, the daily PUBG bundles are an excellent choice. These bundles come with different MBs and prices, making it easy for you to select the package that suits your needs. For instance, the hourly PUBG bundle provides 1000 MBs for 1 hour at only 10 rupees.

If you want a package with a more extended validity period, Jazz offers weekly PUBG bundles. These bundles provide MBs that remain valid for seven days, giving you enough time to enjoy playing PUBG without worrying about running out of data. The premium PUBG bundle, for instance, provides 4GB data for seven days, along with 50 all-network minutes at just Rs 212.

Another fantastic thing about Jazz 4G is that it provides fast internet speeds 24/7. With a network as fast as Jazz 4G, Pakistani players are considered some of the best in the world. This means that if you want to make a name for yourself in the gaming community, Jazz 4G is the network to choose.


In conclusion, Jazz 4G has become the go-to network for PUBG players in Pakistan. With Jazz PUBG packages, players can enjoy high-speed internet while playing their favorite game. Whether you prefer short-term validity or more extended validity periods, Jazz offers various packages to suit your needs. So if you want to take your PUBG experience to the next level, switch to Jazz 4G today!


What are Jazz PUBG packages?

Jazz PUBG packages are bundles of mobile data, specifically designed for playing PUBG on your mobile device. These packages are offered by Jazz, a popular telecom company in Pakistan.

How can I subscribe to Jazz PUBG packages?

To subscribe to Jazz PUBG packages, you can dial *191# from your Jazz number and select the PUBG package of your choice. Alternatively, you can also subscribe to these packages by visiting the Jazz website or using the Jazz World app.

What are the benefits of Jazz PUBG packages?

Jazz PUBG packages offer a range of benefits, including high-speed internet connectivity, low latency, and uninterrupted gaming sessions. These packages also come with affordable prices and flexible validity options.

What are the different types of Jazz PUBG packages?

Jazz offers a variety of PUBG packages, including daily, weekly, and monthly packages. These packages differ in terms of data volume, price, and validity period, allowing you to choose the one that suits your gaming needs and budget.

Can I use Jazz PUBG packages for other purposes?

While Jazz PUBG packages are specifically designed for playing PUBG, you can also use the data for other purposes, such as browsing, social media, and video streaming. However, it’s important to note that the data volume and validity period may vary depending on your usage.

How can I check my Jazz PUBG package status?

To check your Jazz PUBG package status, you can dial 1912# from your Jazz number. This will show you the remaining data volume, validity period, and other details of your package.

How can I unsubscribe from Jazz PUBG packages?

To unsubscribe from Jazz PUBG packages, you can dial 1914# from your Jazz number and follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can also unsubscribe by visiting the Jazz website or using the Jazz World app.


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