Jennifer Lopez afraid of getting divorce from Ben Affleck amid multiple heated encounters

Jennifer Lopez afraid of getting divorce from Ben Affleck amid

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly concerned about the possibility of getting divorced for the fourth time due to paparazzi scrutiny as she and Ben Affleck have had multiple heated encounters lately.

The media has been following the couple everywhere, capturing every moment of their lives outside of their home, which has made J.Lo concerned. They have been seen bickering on several occasions, including their heated exchange at the premiere of The Mother.

On May 11th, 2023, the paparazzi filming them caused Affleck to slam the car door after Lopez got into it, which has left the actress worried. She is reportedly afraid that there could be “a repeat of the pressures that led to their first engagement” and subsequent breakup due to the excessive attention from the media.

In 2004, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck called off their engagement due to excessive media scrutiny. However, they found love again almost two decades later and exchanged vows in 2022. Body language expert Judi James believes that Lopez is afraid that the history will repeat itself, which could lead to another breakup.

“Their previous split left Jennifer ‘heartbroken’ and she did suggest that ‘being under siege’ from the press caused a problem for them as a couple, so seeing Ben get tetchy enough to slam her car door because they’re being photographed together getting coffee is not a good look,” said James.

Despite the heated encounters, there have been several sweet moments between the couple as well. During one trip to get coffee, Ben walked in front of Jennifer, and although he did not look at her as she climbed into the car, he did glance at her before shutting the door. James believes that although he appeared angry, his frustration was directed towards the photographers, not towards J.Lo.

However, as the scrutiny continues, J.Lo and Ben will need to find ways to cope with the media attention to ensure that their relationship remains strong.