Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck doing ‘phenomenally’ amid reports of troubled marriage

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck doing ‘phenomenally amid reports of troubled

Although there are reports that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage is in trouble, the couple seems to be doing “phenomenally” according to insiders. The pair, who recently reunited after 17 years, are reportedly “closer than ever before” and in positive spirits.

While there have been rumors that Affleck is feeling overwhelmed by Lopez’s controlling nature, an insider told Entertainment Tonight that the couple is united and supportive of each other. They lean on each other and love each other’s talents, intelligence, and loyalty.

Despite alleged bickering and heated moments caught on camera, the duo seems to be managing their blended family and hectic work life together. While Affleck might need some personal space at times, their bond is said to be strong and they are enjoying their lives together.

In the end, it appears that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are determined to make their relationship work, despite the rumors and speculation of trouble in paradise.