JI chief wants people involved in May 9 hooliganism punished

Sirajul Haq, the leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, has condemned the May 9 vandalism and called for those responsible for the incidents to be punished. He emphasized that justice should be seen to be done, but innocent people should not be punished. Speaking at the ‘Election Conference-2023’, Haq stated that national properties were damaged on the day of the hooliganism, and emphasized that no one is above the law. He added that whoever the culprits are and which political party they belong to, they must be dealt with according to the law of the land.

Haq stressed the need for dialogue to overcome the ongoing crisis in the country. He urged political parties to engage in constructive dialogue to foster the country’s betterment. He further stated that fair and transparent elections were the only way to overcome the current crisis and proposed that these elections should be arranged on August 14th. The conference was attended by local government representatives and party nominees for the next general elections. Other JI leaders, including Liaqat Baloch and Prof Mohammad Ibrahim Khan also spoke at the event.

Regarding the suicide attack on him in Zhob, Haq noted that the JI had no enmity with anyone and continued their struggle within the limits of the constitution and the law of the land. He also stated that JI had not been informed of any investigation into the incident, which took place five days ago. He maintained that the people should be informed of the reasons behind the incident and actual perpetrators.

Haq also underscored the situation in Balochistan stating that the unrest in the province could not be resolved merely by increasing military presence. He added that trust needed to be restored to the people of that province to effectively address this issue.