K-pop band G-Idle has hit 1.1 million stock pre-orders with upcoming album

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Image of G-Idle breaking their personal record of stock pre-orders
This number is the group’s highest in terms of stock pre-orders, breaking their personal record

Korean pop group G-Idle, a famous all-girl musical ensemble, has garnered an impressive 1.1 million stock pre-orders for their upcoming album, “I Feel”. The announcement was made by their agency Cube Entertainment on May 15th.

The significant feat marks the band’s highest number of stock pre-orders ever, breaking their personal record. Stock pre-orders are the albums that are produced before the official release of the album, and the number is evaluated based on various factors, including the number of pre-orders made by their avid supporters.

The sixth mini-album of G-Idle, “I Feel” will officially be available on May 15th, inclusive of their title track “Queencard.” The band also released their pre-release track “Allergy,” a song with a dark twist. It has been widely noticed that the band has received tremendous popularity since their debut for their unique style of singing about bold and taboo subjects that are often brushed under the carpet in South Korea’s music industry.

Their first song to gain popularity was “Tomboy,” noted for its lyrically bold chorus and unconventional concept, which was a deviation from the typical feminine image of female idols. The second track to catch attention was “Nxde,” which highlighted the objectification of female idols and drew inspiration from the life of Marilyn Monroe.