K-pop group Seventeen’s S.Coups discusses how the members get along

1684682916 K pop group Seventeens SCoups discusses how the members get along
Seventeen's album 'FML' has been a massive hit
Seventeen’s album ‘FML’ has been a massive hit

K-pop fans are always curious about the relationships between group members, and S.Coups of the thirteen-member group, Seventeen, has spilled the beans. In an interview with Allure, he was asked how the group manages to get along despite all the individuals involved.

The group has been together for about eight years, and S.Coups admitted that they don’t always get along well. Nonetheless, he shares that communication is key to avoiding major conflicts. DK also shared that the team meetings serve as the platform for airing out concerns and issues that they may have.

S.Coups mentioned that they have regular meetings, where positive energy is shared among the members. He emphasized that giving positive energy to one another promotes good vibes and helps them get along well.

Seventeen recently released their latest album, FML, which turned out to be a massive hit, setting multiple records in the K-pop scene.