Keith Urban spills on how he and Nicole Kidman keep a work and family balance

He previously revealed to Womans Day the secret of keeping his marriage alive
He previously revealed to Woman’s Day the secret of keeping his marriage alive

Keith Urban, the famous Australian-American singer, recently shared how he and his wife, Nicole Kidman, maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives. In an interview with Fox News Digital, he emphasized that their family always comes first.

The couple strives to find a balance in their busy lives, and although they never achieve a perfect balance, they keep working on it. Keith said, “It’s balanced, so it means it goes out of balance sometimes, and we just put it back in balance.”

Keith has previously shared his philosophy for keeping his marriage with Nicole Kidman alive and healthy. He referred to their relationship as a garden, saying that he tends to it like he did in the beginning. “It’s tending to the garden. If you don’t do the work, the garden starts to grow over, and then you complain that the garden is not very interesting and you look for another garden. I maintain this garden,” he shared.

The couple also shares a great friendship, and Keith believes that no one knows him as well as Nicole does. He said: “Nicole is also my best friend. I’ve never had anyone on the planet who knows me as well as she does.”