Kim Kardashian casually dating while searching her ‘forever partner’

Kim Kardashian casually dating while searching her forever partner

Kim Kardashian is on the lookout for her fourth husband since splitting up with Pete Davidson almost a year ago.

According to an insider who spoke with Entertainment Tonight, the reality TV star is “dating” in general while also looking for her “forever partner.”

Kardashian had been married to Kanye West for nearly eight years before parting ways with Davidson in 2022, citing long-distance and busy schedules as the reasons for their split.

Before West, the founder of Skims was married to Kris Humphries and Damon Thomas.

The insider said of Kardashian’s current approach to dating, “Kim is feeling great, and she is ready, open, and excited about dating in general and the potential of finding a forever partner one day.”

Recently, rumors started spreading that Kardashian was dating Tom Brady, who divorced Gisele Bundchen last year. However, the quarterback’s representative denied the rumors in a chat with People Magazine.

Nevertheless, a source told The Sun that Kardashian contacted Brady for advice on properties in his neighbourhood, and the two even had dinner together.

“He set her up with a few places to look at, and she came over [and] they did dinner,” the insider said. “She’s known him for a few years, not close or anything much, but through her previous ex Reggie [Bush], but this year they have started to chat.”

Kardashian’s first interaction with Brady occurred when she had to apologize to him after her ex-husband Kanye West suggested she marry him in a scathing rant. After that, the two reconnected when Brady left a comment on West’s Instagram post, which resulted in the rapper ranting about Pete Davidson, whom Kardashian was seeing at the time.

“The [Instagram] chats started from there – then they moved to phone chatting… she’s saying just friends, but there is a spark,” the insider said of their relationship.