Kim Woodburn says Holly Willoughby from ‘This Morning’ needs to resign from show

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Woodburn previously revealed that she had unfriendly run-ins with Schofield
Woodburn previously revealed that she had unfriendly run-ins with Schofield

The host Kim Woodburn has expressed her opinion that Holly Willoughby needs to resign from her job on This Morning after Philip Schofield’s departure. Schofield announced on 20th May, 2023 that he would be stepping down from the show after 21 years of being a part of it.

Woodburn had previously mentioned that she had unpleasant experiences with Schofield during the times she made appearances on the show. During a program on GB News, she said that Schofield did the right thing by stepping down.

“He has realised that he can’t stay in his current position. I think he has used his better judgement and left. He was like the king of the show, you could tell he was in charge. However, I have never had a pleasant experience while being on the show with him. He was quite unpleasant and would snigger at me by laughing.”

She further added: “Everything about him has now been exposed and he can’t hide it anymore. Now I hope that Holly Willoughby, who is young and intelligent, demonstrates the common sense to exit from the show.”

Woodburn has also mentioned that Holly cannot host the show anymore as she has a deep connection with Schofield. She emphasised that Holly had never objected to when he was being rude in front of people and had even witnessed him upsetting people while sitting on the couch. She also felt that Holly is not capable of being a good presenter and cannot run the show without Schofield, so it’s better for her to leave.