Larry David opposed ‘Barry’ S4, Bill Hader reveals

1684699590 Larry David opposed Barry S4 Bill Hader reveals
Larry David opposed Barry S4, Bill Hader reveals
Larry David opposed ‘Barry’ S4, Bill Hader reveals

Bill Hader, the lead star of HBO’s hit drama Barry, recently recounted his conversation with Larry David where David argued against continuing the show after the end of season 3.

During an appearance on Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast, Hader reminisced how David thought the black-comedy drama had reached a good endpoint with season 3. “‘That’s it, right?'” David had asked Hader after the last season ended. Hader had responded with a “no”, stating that there was a whole new season with more story to tell.

In a separate interview with Indiewire, Hader also reflected on his skills as director and co-actor on Barry. He emphasized the importance of having a clear vision and precise expectations as a director. He believed that it was frustrating for actors when directors rejected their ideas or were unsure of their vision. Therefore, as a director, he aimed to work with his team towards achieving their goals while appreciating their efforts.

The fourth and last season of Barry, which will premiere on May 21, will conclude the series.