Meta Launches AI Sandbox for advertisers to test generative ad tools

1683842246 Meta Launches AI Sandbox for advertisers to test generative ad
Meta Launches AI Sandbox for advertisers to test generative ad tools. AFP/File
Meta Launches AI Sandbox for advertisers to test generative ad tools. AFP/File 

Meta has recently launched a set of AI-powered tools and services to aid advertisers in creating and improving ad campaigns more efficiently. The company introduced AI Sandbox, which it called a “testing playground” for advertisers to experiment with new generative AI-driven ad tools, during an event in New York. Meta has collaborated with a small group of advertisers to develop Text Variation, Background Generation, and Image Outcropping, which are three of the AI Sandbox tools available so far.

Text Variation produces various versions of an advertiser’s copy, allowing them to select the one that is most suitable for specific target audiences. The Background Generation tool also utilises text, generating images that advertisers can use as the background of their content. Image Outcropping, on the other hand, allows advertisers to automatically adjust images to the appropriate size across Meta’s platforms.

In addition, Meta has started to roll out a variety of AI-enhanced tools and products for advertisers in Meta Advantage, its portfolio of automated tools. An Automated Performance Comparisons Report has been released, with additional features designed to improve audience reach and promote dynamic video ads expected to be launched in the coming months. According to John Hegeman, VP of Monetisation at Meta, the goal of these new tools is to assist advertisers in saving time and improving ad performance.

The primary aim of these new features, according to Hegeman, is to test and learn quickly to determine which components are most useful for businesses to achieve their objectives. Meta’s capital expenditures for the year are expected to be between $30 billion and $33 billion, according to finance chief Susan Li. This expenditure, according to Li, “reflects our ongoing build-out of AI capacity to support ads, Feed and Reels, along with an increased investment in capacity for our generative AI initiatives.”

Hegeman stated that Meta has been investing “tens of billions of dollars” each year in AI, using larger and more sophisticated models in its advertising systems. Hegeman also claimed that the advanced models will help businesses achieve better outcomes. Starting in July, Meta plans to gradually expand access to AI Sandbox to more advertisers.

The introduction of AI Sandbox and the improvements to the Meta Advantage portfolio demonstrate Meta’s commitment to utilising AI in the advertising industry. These investments are intended to equip advertisers with advanced tools to create more efficient and successful ad campaigns. Meta is expected to develop additional capabilities to help advertisers achieve their goals as the company continues to invest in AI.