Netflix viewers bemoan ‘password-sharing’ death

1684977873 Netflix viewers bemoan password sharing death
Netflix viewers bemoan password-sharing death
Netflix viewers bemoan ‘password-sharing’ death

Netflix is receiving backlash from its subscribers as it takes strong actions against password-sharing. As the streaming service explained, it identified those members who are sharing their Netflix account outside of their household in the UK.

The streaming giant emphasized that its subscription service is for households to share only, and those who still want to share their account with others need to pay £4.99 to do so. In response, affected users took to social media to express their disappointment, calling out the new restrictions.

Netflix is trying to counter this criticism by heavily investing in creating more varieties of movies and TV programmes, assuring its subscribers that there will always be something to watch whatever their mood, taste, or preference.

Despite this, many subscribers still express their anger towards the restrictions implemented. One user expressing their disappointment on Twitter said, “Netflix is over,” while another user said that they will be cancelling their subscription.

A third user sarcastically applauded Netflix for cracking down on password-sharing just as WBD introduced Max.