Nimra Kazmi seeks khula after being ‘forced to develop illicit relations’

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Nimra Kazmi.— Twitter/@paktopup/File
Nimra Kazmi.— Twitter/@paktopup/File  

After falling out of love with her husband, Nimra Kazmi, the teenager who made headlines in April last year for disappearing from Karachi and later declaring her marriage to a person of her own choice has filed for khula (dissolution of marriage), alleging mistreatment by her husband, Muhammad Najeeb Shahrukh.

It is noteworthy that Kazmi’s parents had previously requested an investigation into their daughter’s disappearance, stating that she was underage for marriage. She was subsequently recovered from Dera Ghazi Khan in Punjab.

After her recovery, Kazmi issued a statement denying any kidnapping and announcing that she had married Shahrukh in Taunsa Sharif of her own free will.

However, almost a year after their marriage, Kazmi has sued for dissolution of the union from her husband in a District and Sessions court in East Karachi.

In her appeal, Nimra Kazmi accuses her husband of abuse and asks the court to dissolve the marriage, citing the unpaid dower amount of Rs5,000 as the grounds. She told the court that she despises her husband and doesn’t want to re-unite with him.

According to her petition, the teenager claims that she suffered abuse at the hands of her spouse and was coerced into engaging in prohibited acts with strangers.

She further stated that she intends to reside with her parents.