Notices served on owners of high-rises for lack of security measures

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has identified high-rise buildings in Sector E-11 that lack proper security arrangements, including fire safety equipment, security cameras, and emergency exits. The CDA has since sent notices to the owners of these buildings, warning them that strict legal action would be taken if they fail to ensure security arrangements.

Many residents of high-rise buildings had previously submitted applications to the CDA expressing their concerns about poor security arrangements. The CDA’s Building Control section subsequently conducted a survey and identified buildings that did not meet safety standards. The federal cabinet has already authorised the CDA to enforce building bylaws for the safety of Sector E-11 residents.

In light of the urban flooding that occurred in the area, the federal government has directed the CDA to enforce building bylaws involving safety measures, particularly for high-rise buildings. Teams have been formed to survey all high-rise buildings in the area and owners have been asked to obtain fresh soundness and stability certificates after the March earthquake.

An official from the CDA stated that notices have been issued to non-compliant building owners, but they have time to make necessary security arrangements. If they fail to do so, action will be taken against them.