Philip and Holly from ‘This Morning’ flash awkward grins amidst feud rumors

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The episode comes after he allegedly called in lawyers due to the reaction to this so-called feud
Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby respond amidst claims of a struggling relationship

During the latest episode of their show This Morning, presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were seen flashing awkward smiles in response to rumors of a feud between them. Despite the widespread speculation, the duo avoided addressing the rumors or any strain between them.

According to reports, prior to the airing of the episode, Schofield had called in lawyers regarding the reaction to the supposed feud, but ultimately decided to power through the situation and remain on air with Willoughby. The network, ITV, also reportedly spent over two days discussing whether both hosts should appear on the episode.

While there were no overt signs of discomfort from the presenters during the episode, viewers noted that the pair’s on-air enthusiasm felt forced and tense. Some even joked about the “elephant in the room” that they were avoiding.

The episode started with a brief overview of the day’s news, but Schofield and Willoughby skipped over any headlines regarding their rumored feud, choosing to instead discuss topics such as artificial intelligence and sex education.