Police destroy hideouts of dacoits in Katcha grand operation

Punjab Police has been achieving major breakthroughs in its efforts to bring down dacoits and criminals in Katcha through a grand operation.

In a significant development, the Rahim Yar Khan Police have successfully taken control of the secret hideout of Meera Lathani, the mastermind behind numerous kidnap-for-ransom incidents in Rajwani Peninsula. The police entered the dangerous Katcha Rajwani Peninsula after an intense exchange of fire with the bandits, where they fired precise shots at the positions of the dacoits and destroyed the fronts and hideouts of Mira Lathani’s associates.

The latest Katcha operation by the Rahim Yar Khan Police lasted for 43 days and resulted in the killing of three dacoits and the arrest of 28 others. Additionally, five dacoits surrendered to the police, and a considerable quantity of dangerous weapons were confiscated.

The spokesperson for the Punjab Police reported the success of the operation to crush the resistance of the dacoits in Katcha and praised the efforts of the police in maintaining law and order in the region.