Pre-historic stone circle discovered on James Corden’s Berkshire estate

1684586263 Pre historic stone circle discovered on James Cordens Berkshire estate
James Cordens Berkshire estate is home to a druidic temple
James Corden’s Berkshire estate is home to a druidic temple

James Corden, the famous TV host, has recently expressed his willingness to assist in the investigation of a mysterious druidic temple found on his estate in Berkshire, given that returning the monument to its home in Jersey is not feasible. The discovery of a stone circle, a burial chamber or religious shrine, on his picturesque countryside estate has been quite surprising.

The monument was originally located in St Helier and was gifted to Field Marshal Henry Seymour Conway, the owner of the Berkshire estate at the time, in 1788. Jersey politicians have been calling for the ancient stones to be returned to its original site. However, as the stones are Grade II listed and protected by UK heritage bodies and legislation, it is unlikely that permission would be granted to have them moved.

Olga Finch, Curator of Archaeology at Jersey Heritage, expressed her support for the return of the Mont de la Ville dolmen, which is an important piece of Jersey’s ancient history, to the island. Nevertheless, it seems that the stones will remain in their current location.

Although James Corden does not have a say in the matter, his representatives have stated that they would be happy to aid the researchers in their work and are not opposed to returning the stones to Jersey.