Rita Ora discusses her fitness routine in inspiring new post

1684520634 Rita Ora discusses her fitness routine in inspiring new post
Another one of the shots showed her hanging out with Jason Derulo, who is her co-star on The Voice
Rita Ora hanging out with her co-star Jason Derulo on ‘The Voice’

English singer and songwriter Rita Ora recently discussed her fitness routine on her social media account. Rita, who often flaunts her toned physique on Instagram, shared a video of herself in a Reformer Pilates class and a photo of herself enjoying a cocktail while looking stunning.

In the post, Rita talked about the importance of connecting the mind and body. She also posted a picture with her mother Vera and another one with her co-star on The Voice, Jason Derulo. She wrote: “The past year so far I’ve been on a journey to really connect my body and mind. I dedicate a lot of my time to physically feeling strong, working on my form, posture, and strength.”

Rita continued to talk about working hard and staying on track. She wrote, “I’m always a work in progress but on the other side happiness comes from the love I have for what I do.” She talked about the joy of performing while also making time to work out and enjoy life with her loved ones.

Rita’s inspiring post reminds us of the importance of finding balance, dedicating time to our physical and mental health, and prioritizing the people we care about most.