Rylan Clarke will be taking a break following Phillip Schofield’s resignation

1684680135 Rylan Clarke will be taking a break following Phillip Schofields
34 year old Rylan hosts a show of his own on Saturdays between the slot of three and six
34-year-old TV presenter and host Rylan Clarke has announced he will be taking a break from his regular BBC Radio 2 show to focus on other projects, following the resignation of Phillip Schofield from This Morning.

After a 21-year stint on This Morning, Phillip Schofield has resigned from the show after reportedly coming to an agreement with his co-star amid their ongoing feud. The agreement stipulated that he would be provided with a solo gig and given the opportunity to make appearances on other shows going forward.

In light of Phillip’s resignation news, Rylan Clarke, who hosts live Radio 2 shows on Saturdays between 3 pm to 6 pm, has also decided to take a break from the show, citing a desire to work on “other bits and bobs” during this period.

During the announcement, 34-year-old Clarke said: “This is where I should say ladies I won’t be catching up with you next week. Because I am off to do some other bits and bobs so I’m not going to be here for a fair few weeks.”

He also added, “I just want to say whoever is looking after this seat for a fair few weeks can you please make sure you look after Couch Potatoes” (referring to the show’s fans).

Rylan Clarke has been a regular host on This Morning for several years now, alongside co-host Holly Willoughby and other presenters, making him a familiar face and much-loved personality among viewers.