Shah Rukh Khan unveils wife Gauri Khan’s role in designing ‘Mannat’

1684214742 Shah Rukh Khan unveils wife Gauri Khans role in designing
Shah Rukh Khan will be next seen in Atlees Jawan
Shah Rukh Khan will be next seen in Atlee’s ‘Jawan’

Bollywood’s King Shah Rukh Khan shared recently in an interview the significant role his wife, Gauri Khan, played in designing their dream house Mannat.

According to Khan, Mannat was the house of his dreams but he was not initially able to afford it. However, he managed to buy it and that is when his wife’s career as an interior designer kicked off.

He shared, “When we bought Mannat, it was way beyond our means. Being from Delhi, one was used to living in bungalows. But in Mumbai, apartments are even more expensive. As soon as we mustered up some money, we managed to buy this bungalow.”

“We didn’t have the money to design it then. We called a designer and the money that the person quoted was beyond my salary. So I asked Gauri to design it, and that’s how the journey started. We built the house by buying all the small things needed to build a house, and it took a while, but we did it.”

For Gauri, designing Mannat at such a young age helped her learn and grow in her career. Shah Rukh Khan expressed his happiness for not having to look for another interior designer since Gauri can take care of that. “It’s easier to discuss what we want. We want things to be clean and nice,” he added.

Shah Rukh Khan is gearing up for his upcoming film ‘Jawan’ directed by Atlee and is also looking forward to collaborating with Rajkumar Hirani for ‘Dunki’ in the near future.