Sydney Sweeney speaks up about ‘humanized experience’ in Reality

1684591502 Sydney Sweeney speaks up about ‘humanized experience in Reality
Sydney Sweeney speaks up about ‘humanized experience’ in Reality
Sydney Sweeney speaks up about ‘humanized experience’ in Reality

Sydney Sweeney, the actress, has opened up about her recent HBO Films drama, Reality, in which she portrays real-life American whistleblower Reality Winner.

During the movie premiere held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Sydney said in her conversation with Variety, “I hope that people see Reality as a human being and that they stop letting articles and tabloids label people and put thoughts into their minds.” Sydney, a 25-year-old, emphasized the importance of audiences developing their own opinions after watching the film’s ‘humanized experience.’

For those who may not know, Winner was a former U.S. Air Force member and worked as an NSA contractor’s translator. She was charged with leaking a confidential report on Russian election interference to the media, and later charged under the Espionage Act, spending four years in federal prison.

Meanwhile, discussing her character in the film, the Euphoria actress divulged, “I was drawn by how complex she was. There are so many contradicting layers of who she is, what it means to be a woman. And I feel that we were able to take a moment and truly humanize it, and not put any type of lens on it.”

The actress described it as a “real moment in time,” as everything shown in the movie was taken directly from the transcript, which is why she loves it.

Reality is set to launch on HBO on the 29th of May.