‘There’s no shame in asking for help’

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Kate Winslet teary BAFTA speech: Theres no shame in asking for help
Kate Winslet teary BAFTA speech: ‘There’s no shame in asking for help’

Kate Winslet, the Titanic star, recently won her first BAFTA TV award for her outstanding role in the series ‘I Am Ruth’. During her acceptance speech, the talented actress addressed some critical issues related to mental health, oppressive entities, and harmful content. She also talked about the importance of seeking help and how there’s no shame in asking for it.

Winslet stated that as a society, we cannot afford to neglect mental health issues, especially when it comes to our children. She urged the young people in the audience to ask for help whenever needed since seeking assistance is a sign of strength, not weakness.

The Oscar-winning actress also expressed her admiration for Dominic Savage, the creator of the show, for providing a platform to tell women’s stories. She also mentioned how much the recognition meant to her and how it helps in giving small British TV dramas weight.

Winslet also dedicated part of her speech to her daughter Mia Threapleton, who played her daughter in the British series. She expressed her wish to cut the award in half and give it to her daughter for their joint efforts and hard work.

Moreover, the series highlighting a mother-and-daughter relationship going through tough mental health issues in the digital age won the Best Single Drama at the BAFTA awards show.