‘This Morning’ host Holly Willoughby drops cryptic post amid feud rumours

1684589912 ‘This Morning host Holly Willoughby drops cryptic post amid feud
A picture of Holly Willoughby's Wylde Moon brand was uploaded to Instagram
Holly Willoughby uploaded a new picture to her brand Wylde Moon’s Instagram page

Holly Willoughby, co-host of ‘This Morning’, posted a cryptic message on her brand Wylde Moon’s Instagram page, seemingly addressing rumours of a feud with her co-host Phillip Schofield. The 42-year-old TV presenter advised her followers to stay positive and take advantage of any good fortune that comes their way over the upcoming months.

Speculation about the disagreement between the pair began to circulate around three years ago, as Holly gradually distanced herself from Phillip. However, neither party has directly addressed the situation, and in her Instagram post, Holly chose to focus on the opportunities that could be coming ahead.

She said: “Today we embrace the new moon in Taurus with open arms. She has arrived alongside beautiful Jupiter to boost positive and good fortune. Indulge in the abundance this lunation brings, for it’s time to make your wildest dreams come true. This New Moon comes with abundant opportunities—in particular for a few zodiac signs.”

There was no direct reference to any ongoing feud between Holly and Phillip. Instead, Holly chose to promote her brand and encouraged her followers to tap on the link provided to read about the possible positive developments in their futures.