US says monitoring situation in Pakistan

The US State Department’s spokesperson, Vedant Patel, has announced that his country is closely monitoring the current situation in Pakistan.

During a media briefing, Patel declared that no leader or political party in Pakistan is a favorite of the US and that a prosperous and safe Pakistan is in the best interest of the United States. He added that they also expect the country to adhere to democratic values and principles while showing respect for the law.

The US is currently engaged in discussions with Pakistan on a variety of issues and firmly believes that a strong and stable democratic Pakistan will be the best outcome. The topic of human rights and media freedom has been raised in conversations with Pakistan’s counterparts. In addition, the US is interested in strengthening economic relations with Pakistan, and they aim to develop better trade and investment opportunities with the private sector.

Furthermore, Patel emphasized that there is an essential security partnership between the US and Pakistan. They are also actively engaged in other fields like climate change, agriculture, and energy. “The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, believes in the importance of a free media in creating a democratic society,” Patel added.

When asked about the internet shutdown in Pakistan, he acknowledged that the internet is a crucial means of communication and that people should be given access to information.