Wes Bentley reflects on his emotional journey as Jamie Dutton

1686841227 Wes Bentley reflects on his emotional journey as Jamie Dutton

Because the conclusion of the sequence Yellowstone approaches, actor Wes Bentley, identified for his function as Jamie Dutton, opened up about his emotional expertise portraying the character.

In contemplation of Jamie’s improvement and the profound affect of the function, Bentley shared that Jamie’s final moments can be stuffed with depth and pleasure.

“He will exit like a cannonball, possibly. Simply blow all of it up,” Bentley predicted, hinting at an intense exit for Jamie.

The midseason finale left an enduring affect on Bentley, making it difficult to let go of the character. He anticipated that Jamie’s depth would resurface as soon as filming resumed.

“It is tough to shake off Jamie’s melancholy. His presence stays ingrained in me,” Bentley admitted.

Bentley expressed that something is feasible for the Dutton household, with their intense relationships doubtlessly resulting in a collective downfall. Creator Taylor Sheridan’s sudden twists additional intrigued Bentley.

“I am sort of ready for no matter further factor he is considering that I am not fascinated by. However with the stress and hazard proper now, it doubtlessly may very well be both they’re all gone, or certainly one of them survives,” Bentley speculated.

The unresolved relationship between Jamie and his father, John Dutton, fascinated Bentley, who questioned in regards to the final decision. 

Bentley additionally emphasised the distinctive bond between Jamie and his sister Beth, performed by Kelly Reilly.