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Jazz Internet Packages

With the merging of Mobilink and Warid under the Jazz brand, customers now have access to one of the fastest and most reliable mobile internet services in Pakistan. Jazz’s 4G internet service has been awarded as being the fastest by Ookla and with a wide range of monthly packages providing great value for money, there is something for everyone. In this blog post we will be discussing the latest Jazz internet packages, including their monthly plans, to help you decide which package is best suited for your needs. So read on and find out more about Jazz’s internet packages!

Jazz’s monthly internet packages are designed to provide customers with a convenient and affordable way to enjoy Jazz’s 4G internet service. The plans offer various amounts of data, ranging from 1GB to 30GB depending on the package selected, as well as some great bonus features such as free minutes and SMS. Prices start at just Rs. 349 with the most expensive package costing Rs. 1099. All of Jazz’s monthly packages come with a validity period of 30 days, making them ideal for those looking to stay connected on the go.

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Weekly Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz offers a number of weekly internet packages that provide customers with a decent amount of data for their money. These packages range from 500MB to 30GB, perfect for those who don’t need an excessive amount of data but still want the convenience and affordability of Jazz’s internet service.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Daily Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz has a range of data bundles for different needs, including Daily packages which offer a great solution for casual users. These daily packages start from as low as Rs. 10 and can go up to Rs. 250 depending on the volume of data you require. All Jazz Daily Internet Packages come with a validity period of one day only and can be activated through Jazz’s website, the MyJazz App, or by dialing *340#.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

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Jazz Work From Home Bundle Detail

Jazz has come up with an innovative idea to help those in lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Jazz’s Work from Home bundle offers 10GB of mobile internet for use throughout the week, thereby allowing Pakistanis to stay home and be connected. This is a great way for Jazz customers to stay productive during this difficult time and remain connected with the world. Jazz

Internet Packages offer great value for money, meaning that customers can save a lot of money and yet enjoy great internet speeds and access to data. With Jazz’s Work from Home bundle, consumers can stay connected with their family and friends from the comfort of their own homes while still being able to work remotely and continue to access important resources that they may need. Jazz Internet Packages have truly made staying in lockdown easier and more manageable for many Pakistanis who are looking to stay safe while still being productive.

Jazz Work From Home Bundle details

Jazz Location-Based Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz brings you the perfect internet packages for your area. Jazz location-based internet offerings cover a wide variety of regions and cities, including Sindh, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, Sheikhupura, Nowshera, Karachi, Taxila, and Mandi Bahudin. Jazz is proud to offer prepaid internet packages that are tailored to each individual location. It’s a great way to stay connected, without having to worry about hefty bills or signing up for long contracts.

Jazz provides reliable and affordable internet access, so you can explore the world of online entertainment with peace of mind. Jazz also offers an extensive range of add-ons and other deals, such as free trial internet packages, that can help you save money on your net usage. Jazz customers can also enjoy exclusive discounts and offers, giving them even more value for their money. With Jazz’s location-based offerings, everyone has access to the perfect internet package. Get connected today!

Jazz Location Based Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages

Rewrite the above Data in Detail unique content: Jazz is an acclaimed telecom company that provides its customers with the Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages. These Jazz Postpaid packages are inclusive of various data bundles and plans, which can be conveniently activated by dialing *777#. Jazz PostPaid internet packages enable customers to enjoy seamless and uninterrupted access to the internet on their smartphones or tablets.

The subscribed Jazz Postpaid internet packages are billed at the end of each month, making it a great option for users who want to stay connected without worrying about running out of data. Jazz PostPaid Internet Packages offer an array of options, ensuring that customers get the most bang for their buck. In addition to this, Jazz customers can also enjoy additional benefits such as Jazz Cash, Jazz World and Jazz Progress. So no matter what your internet needs are, Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages can provide the perfect solution.

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages

FREE Facebook on Jazz

Mobilink Jazz customers can now stay connected to the social world without worrying about using up their internet data. Jazz has come up with an innovative and practical solution that allows its users to access Facebook without consuming 3G data! All you have to do is switch between Free and Data versions of Facebook with a single tap.

When you open your app, you will notice a toggle on the top of your screen which will enable you to switch between Data and Free mode. In Free mode, Jazz customers can scroll through their timeline, post textual status updates, chat with friends and family, comment on other posts and even share a post without any charge applicable on their Jazz internet packages.

However, please note that images or videos cannot be viewed in Free mode and Jazz customers will also not be able to upload a picture or video. Mobilink Jazz has made it possible for its internet users to stay connected without paying extra, giving more value to Jazz internet packages! So now you can use Facebook on Jazz with complete peace of mind. Enjoy the privilege of free access today!

FAQs About Jazz Internet Packages:

A: Jazz offers a wide variety of internet packages, ranging from Jazz Daily Internet Packages to Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages. The Jazz Daily Internet Packages start from as low as Rs. 10 and can go up to Rs. 250 depending on the volume of data you need. Jazz also offers Jazz Location-based Internet Packages, tailored for specific regions in Pakistan. Jazz Postpaid internet packages offer a range of data bundles and plans that are billed at the end of each month.


A: Yes! Jazz offers some of the most competitively priced internet packages in Pakistan. Jazz Daily Internet Packages start as low as Rs. 10 and Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages offer great value for money. Jazz also offers exclusive discounts and offers on its plans, allowing customers to save even more on their internet usage.


A: Jazz internet packages can be activated by dialing *777# or visiting the Jazz website. The subscribed Jazz Postpaid internet packages are billed at the end of each month while Jazz Daily Internet Packages need to be renewed manually before they expire.


A: Jazz customers enjoy a range of additional benefits such as Jazz Cash, Jazz World and Jazz Progress. Jazz Cash allows customers to make purchases online while Jazz World offers exclusive discounts on various products and services. Jazz Progress helps users track their internet usage by providing them with detailed reports on their data consumption.

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