Zong 4G has revolutionized the Pakistani telecom industry with its world-class network and innovative services. With more than 6 million active subscribers, the mobile operator continues to expand its presence across Pakistan, offering affordable internet packages and seamless connectivity to keep customers connected with their friends and loved ones.

Through an unrelenting focus on customer needs, Zong has introduced a variety of Zong Internet Packages that are tailored to suit the needs of all kinds of users. Whether you’re looking for postpaid or prepaid internet plans, Zong 4G has something for everyone. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most popular Zong internet packages and how they can be used to stay connected without breaking the bank. Keep reading to learn more!

Zong Internet Packages Latest

If you’re looking for the latest and most up-to-date information on Zong Internet Packages, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, we provide all of the updated Zong internet subscription codes for their various packages including hourly net packages, daily & weekly internet packages, as well as monthly Zong internet packages. You’ll find all the information needed to make an informed decision when selecting your ideal package.

 Zong Daily Internet Packages | Zong Data Bundle

Zong offers several internet packages for its customers, ranging from daily to monthly and weekly options. To subscribe to a Zong daily internet package, first select the desired package from the list available. After selecting your preferred package, dial *6464# for tariff activation menu or enter the corresponding number at Zong’s website to confirm your subscription. These packages are valid only for 24 hours, so be sure to make use of them before they expire. This is an up-to-date collection that includes all of Zong daily internet packages.

Zong Internet Packages
Zong Internet Packages Zong Internet Packages

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Zong is a leading telecom provider in Pakistan offering numerous daily, weekly and monthly internet packages. Zong offers various Daily Internet Packages to meet the requirements of its customers. The Daily Basic offer provided by Zong gives users 100 MBs of data at PKR 17 plus tax for one day usage period. The Daily Data Max Offer provides 500 MBs of data along with additional 500MBs dedicated for YouTube usage at PKR 38 plus tax. It will automatically expire after 1 day.

The popular Day Time Offer from Zong ensures 1.2 GBs of data valid for only 4 am to 7 pm and is charged at PKR 16 plus tax per day. The newly introduced Youth Offer from Zong provides 2.5 GBs of data in PKR 16 plus tax and is valid between 1 am to 9 am.

Zong Daily Social Pack offers 100 MBs of data at PKR 5 plus tax per day, the Daily Classified Pack provides 50 MBs of data for 24 hours and the Facebook Offer supplies 500 MBs of data dedicated only for Facebook usage with a consumer price tag of PKR 5 per day.

Moreover, Zong also offers Weekly Internet Packages and Monthly Internet Packages that are tailored to meet all kinds of user needs. The weekly packages start from as low as PKR 85 up to PKR 420 while the monthly packages range from as minimum as PKR 200 up to a maximum of PKR 4,000. All these packages come with different data limits and other benefits depending on the package chosen.

From daily to monthly packages, Zong provides a wide variety of internet plans to its consumers at affordable prices. With Zong’s reliable network coverage, users can make sure that they are getting quality service along with spectacular data deals. So choose the right Zong Internet Package now and enjoy hassle-free connectivity experience!

Zong Weekly Internet Packages | Zong Data Bundle

Zong, a leading mobile network provider in Pakistan, offers amazing weekly internet packages to its customers. These packages allow you to keep up with the world and stay connected for an entire week without running out of data. To avail these amazing Zong weekly internet packages, all you need to do is browse through the list of available options, pick your favorite package, and dial *6464# for tariff activation menu or Enter No at Zong site and clicking on ‘Subscribe’. Alternatively, you can also use the ‘My Zong app’ to subscribe to the package of your choice. All the below-mentioned packages can be availed for 7 days.

Zong Internet Packages
Zong Internet Packages Zong Internet Packages

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For those who have higher internet needs, the Zong Super Weekly Plus plan offers 7 GBs of data for the same period at the cost of PKR 240. However, if you are looking for something even more extensive, then Zong has tailored its Super Weekly Max offer specifically for you. With this 15GB data pack plus another 15GB specifically allocated just for YouTube streaming over 7 days, subscribers can stay connected without worrying about any data limitations for the duration of the bundle. The package can be had for PKR 300.

For those who mainly use YouTube, Zong offers the Weekly YouTube offer which gives 8GBs of data specifically dedicated to streaming on YouTube in PKR 135 (consumer price). You can simply dial *570# to subscribe to this package as well.

In addition, there is also a great Weekly Mega Data Offer that allows you 100 GBs of internet usage between 1 am and 9 am at an affordable rate of just PKR 100 (consumer price).

Zong also offers two hybrid internet bundles; the All in One Weekly offer providing 2.5 GBs of data, 1000 on-net minutes, 80 off-net minutes and 1500 SMS, valid for 7 days and can be had in PKR 200. The second one is the Haftawar Load Offer which offers 12 GBs of internet, 5000 on-net, 80 off-net minutes and 1500 SMS for the same period at a cost of PKR 270.

Either way Zong provides its subscribers with a variety of monthly and weekly internet packages to suit their individual needs so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience when browsing the web. With such great deals available, you won’t find a better place than Zong to get your data needs sorted out!

Zong Internet Packages – Fortnightly/14 days Promotions

Zong Internet Packages

Zong Telecom offers a wide range of internet packages to its customers. The Zong Combo Pack is one of the most popular options available, providing users with 3 GBs of data as well as 50 All-net minutes for PKR 200 plus tax over a two week period. This package is great for those who want reliable internet access but do not need an extensive amount of data each month. Zong also provides Monthly and Weekly Internet Packages that offer more data and additional features such as free SMS, reduced call rates, or discounts on other services.

These plans are perfect for those looking for more in-depth coverage and access to their favorite sites and apps at an affordable price. Zong internet packages provide customers with excellent value for money and have become a popular choice for those wanting to stay connected.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages | Zong Data Bundle

If you are looking for Zong monthly internet packages, then look no further. Zong offers a wide range of plans at affordable prices to meet your data needs. Whether you’re streaming video, downloading music or browsing the web, Zong has the perfect plan for you. To subscribe to one of their packages, simply dial *6464# on your mobile phone and select the “Tariff Activation” menu. You can also visit the Zong website and choose from a variety of plans that will last up to 30 days.

Zong Internet Packages
Zong Internet Packages Zong Internet Packages

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Zong has a variety of internet packages for its customers to choose from. Whether you’re looking for monthly, weekly or daily plans, Zong has something for everyone!

The Monthly Mini package offers 150 MB data at PKR 50 plus tax for 30 days; perfect if you want just basic internet access without breaking the bank. The Monthly Basic Offer provides 500 MB of data at PKR 150 plus tax also valid for 1 month. Perfect if you need more gigabytes and don’t mind spending a bit extra on your plan.

For those who need bigger packages, Zong also has Premium 15GB and 40GB offers which give 5 GB (1 am to 9 am) and 20 GB (1 am to 9 am) respectively. Both are available at PKR 499 and PKR 850 respectively.

For those who want an internet package for just their favorite social media platforms, Zong has Monthly WhatsApp Offer, Monthly Facebook Offer and Monthly IMO offer which come with 5 GBs of data for WhatsApp, 6 GBs of data for Facebook and 2 GBs of data for IMO; all three packages cost PKR 60, 100 and 50 respectively. Additionally there’s also a Monthly Google Duo Offer that provides 2GBs of data specifically for the app at only PKR 10 plus tax!

Furthermore Zong also offers Prepaid Internet Sim Addons – 8GB, 24GB and 60GB which give 8GB (4GB 4am to 4pm), 24GB (12GB 4am to 4pm) and 60GB of data respectively, all at PKR 750, 1200 and 2000 consumer price.

For those with bigger data needs, Zong offers MBB Exclusive Offer which provides 150 GBs of data at PKR 3500 consumer price valid for 30 days. Alternatively, you could opt for the Zong Super Card if you need 6 GBs of data along with 180 off-net minutes, 3000 on-net minutes and 3000 SMS all in one monthly package; this costs only PKR 650 consumer price!

So no matter what your budget is or how much internet access you need, there’s something for everyone at Zong! Don’t forget to check out their internet packages and find the perfect one for you.

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages | Zong Data Bundle

Zong is one of the leading telecommunication networks in Pakistan dedicated to offering its customers with innovative services and packages. Keeping up with the latest trends, Zong has been rolling out various prepaid internet packages according to user needs. It offers a range of Zong monthly internet packages, weekly packages, and daily bundles that are available at different prices to suit varying requirements.

The company also provides postpaid users with exciting Zong Internet Packages tailored specifically for their use. With these flexible plans, subscribers can pick a package as per their budget or data needs and enjoy quality speed at competitive rates. All the Zong Prepaid Internet Packages come loaded with many advanced features such as high-speed downloads, extra MBs on social media, additional minutes for calls, etc.

Whether it’s Zong Monthly Internet Packages or Zong Weekly Internet Packages, users have a wide range of options to choose from. In addition to this, the company also offers attractive discounts on various monthly packages and exclusive deals that are sure to delight customers. So go ahead and enjoy high-speed data plans with Zong!

Zong Internet Packages
Zong Internet Packages Zong Internet Packages

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Zong offers a wide range of postpaid packages to meet its customers’ needs. The Z2500 postpaid package is the best one for customers looking for a high-data plan. It comes with 46,080 MBs of data, unlimited on-net minutes, 1200 off-net minutes and 5000 SMS at PKR 2500 plus tax. For those who want more economical options, there is the Z1200 postpaid package which provides 20,480 MBs of data along with unlimited on-net minutes, 800 off-net minutes and 4000 SMS for PKR 1200 plus tax.

The Z800 postpaid package gives 10,240 MBs of data with unlimited on-net calling and 500 off-net minutes as well as 2000 SMS for PKR 800 plus tax. Last but not least is the Z500 postpaid package which gives 4,096 MBs of data along with 1500 on-net minutes and 300 off-net minutes as well as 1000 SMS for PKR 500 plus tax. All these packages provide great value to customers and you can check out their tariff plans in the table below.

For those who want more frequent internet access, Zong offers two different weekly and monthly internet packages. The Zong Weekly Internet Package provides 8GB of data at a price of PKR 200 plus taxes per week. This package is ideal for light users who need limited access over short periods of time. For heavier users there is the Zong Monthly Internet Package which provides 50GB of data for PKR 600 plus taxes per month. This is great for users who need more consistent access and don’t want to be limited by weekly packages.

These Zong internet packages make it easy for customers to find the right package that fits their needs. Whether you are a light user or a heavy user, there is sure to be something that works just right for you. Check out the table below to see all the available Zong Internet Packages and get what’s best for you!

Zong offers more than just their regular internet packages for their prepaid customers. They also have add-ons available, which provide extra data to use on top of the existing package. These add-ons include Zong Monthly Internet Packages and Zong Weekly Internet Packages, each offering different amounts of additional data for customers to enjoy. With these packages, users can extend the amount of time they spend online or increase usage during peak times. It’s a great way for customers to get even more out of their Zong connection.

All in all, these add-ons are an excellent way to increase the value offered by your Zong Internet Package. Whether you’re looking for monthly or weekly plans, Zong has something that will fit your needs. With these add-ons, you can maximize your time online and get the most out of your Zong connection. So why not explore the various Zong Internet Packages today and see how you can benefit from their add-on plans? You’ll be glad you did!

Zong, a popular mobile network provider in Pakistan, offers a wide range of internet packages for its postpaid customers. Zong internet packages are designed to cater to different kinds of usage habits and needs. For those who need large amounts of data for their daily activities, the company provides monthly and weekly packages that offer generous data allowances at affordable prices.

The Zong Monthly Internet Packages include zdata 20 GB, which offers 20 GBs of data at PKR 1000 plus tax; zdata 10 GB, with 10 GBs of data for PKR 600 plus tax; and zdata 3 GB, providing 3 GBs of data at PKR 350 plus tax.

For customers who mainly use YouTube, Zong Monthly Internet Packages offer the YouTube 25 GB for postpaid, which provides 25 GBs of data for YouTube at PKR 800 plus tax; and YouTube 12 GB for postpaid, with 12 GBs of data for YouTube at PKR 500 plus tax.

These packages are designed to suit different kinds of usage habits and needs, ensuring that everyone can get an internet package that’s right for them. Zong customers can also subscribe to any of these packages through the company’s website or mobile app.

Zong also offers special add-on packages so that customers never run out of data while enjoying their favorite online activities. With these add-on packages, Zong postpaid customers can keep up their data consumption without worrying about running out.

So, whether you need a large internet package for your daily activities or just a small one to satisfy your occasional needs, Zong has the right solution for you! Explore the Zong Monthly and Weekly Internet Packages today and enjoy an uninterrupted online experience.


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